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Hot Rod (2007) Review

A goofy comedy not trying to have a complex story works for the jokes between the qwerky characters with in it.This movie doesn’t try to take itself seriously and the viewer shouldn’t either. This is a dumb comedy that will give you a few good laughs. Nothing more, nothing less. It is worth checking out if you are bored and have about 90 minutes to kill. If you like dumb comedies this will be worth your time. [AVERAGE 5/10]

Day in and day out of the same exact bullshit. It’s dark in here I hate it. I’m either right next to the forks or the god damn steak knives which always scratch my back. That’s always the worst I hate them and they make me hate myself for being a bigot but alas I am still here… in the tiny drawer. Most humans are more organized than this and I could be happy with it. All I want to do is cuddle and spoon with my own kind. And then there is the soup. They dip me in and then the humans put me in the filthy mouth. At least then I can go in the dish washer and wash off. But after that its back to the dark drawer I go

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Why even give it this title? Is it necessary to include the name X-Men in the title? Just like every X-Men movie this turned into Wolverine and his various sidekicks because he was really the main character and it really didn’t seem to focus on any other character too much. It should have been called Wolverine: Days of Future Past because that’s what it was more or less.

Regardless of this the movie still wasn’t great. They did include many various characters from the comics but none of them really shined in this film. The only one that did show to be entertaining was Magneto who had shown his dominate powers in a very fun fashion. But he was the only one that was really fun to watch as a plot important character. This includes Wolverine, I wouldn’t mind him as the main character (as much) as long as he is a badass that Wolverine is which in this movie he wasn’t that great.

There was still fun characters that just didn’t have enough attention *cough* Quicksilver *cough*. Quicksilver was the best character but was only around for a small period of time. This does nothing but make me wish that they made a Quicksilver movie instead of making a movie that somehow makes Wolverine look boring. Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie about a kleptomaniac who has super speed? His character was so fun in this movie but they just tossed him aside after 20 minutes or so.

A lot of the combat scenes were great. They helped show all of the mutants that were fighting to use their powers together to fight against an enemy. For example there was one character who could make portals. She then used the portals to place right behind the enemy so that someone could safely throw a fireball at it then close the portal before the enemy could attack back. These combat scenes varied in combat and were a lot of fun to watch making it by far the best part of the movie.

As for the plot it wasn’t that great. The objective changed and was never clear the character motives changed constantly and there was no consistent villain. It felt like the plot to a bad Men in Black movie without all of the great comedy each MIB movies manage to create. Plus Men in Black made a movie with time travel to the same era and made it 5 times better then this movie did.

Then by the end of it they had effectively retconned every other X-Men movies they has made. So if you had invested time into these movies your knowledge no longer matters. Thanks time travel for wasting our time! #irony #sarcasm #MIB3didtimetravelbetter

The CG in it however was done rather well. The transformation power from one person to another was surprisingly well done. Along with that all of the battle scenes that had required CG did use it well. Certain powers from some characters made you wish they were in the movie even more as apposed to the few seconds that they were in the movie. This detail is even more true when their power is backed up by pretty and fun to watch on screen.

As much as I had stated how much I wanted more mutants in the movie it have to give the movie credit for giving some character more time to shine and character development that would be non existent with too many characters.

The Good
-fight scenes
-decent CG

The Bad
-confusining time travel
-lack of character usage
-no enemy
-poor character motives
-retconned past movies

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